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Clarifying Turbidity Issues

In the stormwater world, there are few things clients and regulators find as vexing as turbidity.  Turbidity is simply the suspension of solid particles, (and sometimes gases or liquid colloidal materials) that deflect light while suspended in a water phase, creating a cloudy or murky appearance. These suspended phases can carry pollutants into the receiving water bodies.  The main reason turbidity is so troublesome is that it’s so damned obvious.  No one likes to see a muddy stream entering an otherwise clear-running tributary.
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Basics of Catch Basin Inserts

Treating stormwater for heavy metals can be complicated and expensive.  Catch Basin Inserts (CBIs) are a low-cost alternative that may be appropriate as a primary treatment method for some applications, particularly total suspended solids (TSS). They can work well for facilities that are close to meeting benchmarks for metals, where the pollutants are composed of large particles and a low amount of dissolved metals.  How do you know if a CBI will work for you?

Current Trends in Stormwater Treatment

As a category, water pollution from stormwater runoff has long been identified as the greatest source of contamination to our nation’s waters.  Stringent industrial benchmarks for heavy metals, suspended solids, phosphorus, and other contaminants have required the rapid and continuing evolution of stormwater management and treatment technology to meet regulatory limits. This article describes a number of recent innovations in stormwater treatment technology used for industrial sources.


Enpurion is developing advanced chemical-free treatment technologies for some of the most challenging industrial and construction applications.  These include arsenic removal from construction leachate, selenium from fossil fuel-powered generating facilities, BOD and phosphorus from paper mill effluent, and more.  We welcome the chance to help clients address their greatest challenges.  Please forward your questions or application-specific inquiries here.

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