Stormwater Treatment



Enpurion EC

Advanced electrocoagulation technology with a clear advantage.
The patent-pending reactors use concentrically wound electrodes
to treat heavy metals, and eliminate turbidity, phosphorus, and
other pollutants. The reactors are optimized for the specific
conditions and contaminants of concern, using a variety of bi-metallic
electrode pairs that create their 
own internal electrode potential,
resulting in highly effective treatment with a fraction of 
the energy
required by traditional EC technology.




Enpurion MT

Engineered biomass technology that is designed to treat heavy
metals to consistently low ppb levels. The materials are based on
agricultural sources of cellulose which are selected for their physical
properties, then chemically, mechanically and thermally processed
to provide stormwater treatment that is highly effective, economical
and sustainable. The TAPE-approved, patent pending technology
uses only food-grade materials to treat stormwater, providing
the most sustainable process available.


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Enpurion IP

Enpurion Integrated Processes combines, adapts or creates
systems to meet virtually any stormwater treatment goal.
Enpurion’s philosophy of developing ‘right-size’ treatment means
that we thrive on the seemingly impossible challenges in terms of technical
and economic feasibility. Within the constraints of McAtee’s Law, Enpurion
combines electrochemical, mechanical separations, filtration, biological,
chemical or other methods to create systems that are cost-effective, robust
and efficient.


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