Integrated Systems

Not all problems are readily addressed with a single technology. Enpurion recognizes that very often, a combination of techniques and technology can be designed in a way that provides a more robust system that operates reliably and at a lower cost. Examples of this combination include filters, sorption or ion exchange, or chemical and biological methods. 


Metallic Stormwater Treatment – Seattle, WA
Combines electrocoagulation, Filtration and Sorption

An industrial foundry with a variety of challenging problems including sub-micron particles, a variety of heavy metals and off-site flows. 



Accrafab – Liberty Lake, WA
Ion-Exchange with Evaporators for Zero-Discharge

When needed, Enpurion can work with companies to develop or adapt technology in unique ways, from capital intensive systems to adapting traditional, low-tech options for improved performance.

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Rainier Ballistics – Tacoma, WA
Hydroxide Precipitation and Evaporators
for Zero- Discharge




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