Industrial Systems



Enpurion EC – Electrocoagulation

Application-specific electrocoagulation technology for target pollutants.
Specialized EC reactors can be designed for any number of applications,
including removal of non-polar oils, solids, phosphorus, and BOD/COD.
The patent-pending concentric reactors use a fraction of the energy to
achieve superior results. The keys to the system lay in a new approach
to electrochemistry using a unique thermodynamic pathway to affect
treatment at exceptionally low levels.




Enpurion IX – Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange technology has a number of remarkable capabilities but
also has limitations. Enpurion Ion Exchange systems use chemical
equilibrium and a step-wise treatment approach to overcome some
of the IX limitations for high solute concentrations – literally creating new
water molecules from corrosive influent and reducing metals to near non-
detectable levels. This makes zero-discharge technology accessible
and cost effective where it was not possible before.




Enpurion MS – Separation Technology

Enpurion mass-separation technologies adapt traditional gravimetric and
filtration technologies in new ways to achieve superior results at lower cost.
Applying principles of serial process design with extensive experience in
the food processing, electronics and metal finishing industries provide a
solid foundation along with a proven track record for innovation for water
conservation, material efficiency and compliance efforts. Enpurion systems
improve material efficiency and reduce size and cost of supporting infrastructure.


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