Enpurion EC - Electrocoagulation

2014 April 18 051 (1)

Enpurion EC

Advanced electrocoagulation for metals, TSS, and phosphates



Enpurion EC

Is a major advance in electro-coagulation technology, using concentric electrodes to provide high surface to volume ratios and minimal mean-free-path for target pollutants. Bi-metallic electrodes create a galvanic potential that reduces the requirement for external power, making the EC reactors far more efficient and effective. Electrodes and operating set points can be customized to meet specific site conditions and target species.


      Functions as a Galvanic Cell

  • Precipitate Suspended Solids
  • Reduce metals and inorganics
  • Demulsify oils and grease
  • Radial flow through electrodes
  • Creates internal electrical potential
  • Large surface area per unit volume
  • Low external power requirements


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