Construction and Remediation

Enpurion can design application-specific construction and remediation systems for a broad array of contaminants and treatment goals, with proven capabilities for virtually eliminating turbidity, Total Suspended Solids (TSS), phosphorus and heavy metals.

Sampling water2 iStockThe Enpurion MT and Enpurion EC technologies are highly adaptable and cost-effective for remediation and construction applications.  With extensive experience is treating run-off from un-paved, high traffic sites, Enpurion has an array of technologies and engineering capabilities at your disposal.

Within the family of existing products, we are rapidly developing capabilities for treating PCB, PAH and arsenic to extremely low levels.  Enpurion technologies can be further optimized for each application and site condition, consistent with the treatment goals, footprint and economic constraints.


INLET 30.1 296 40.8 665 3.1 6.6 0.19
OUTLET 1.5 <0.5 20.7 66.4 <0.5 <0.5 <0.01

                                                                                                Typical Metals Performance (ug/l)


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